Jo Marchant appears regularly on broadcast media and has captivated live audiences around the globe. She has spoken at the Royal Institution in London, New Scientist Live, the Hay Festival, the Edinburgh Science Festival, the Getty Villa in Los Angeles, the Aspen Ideas Festival, the World Science Festival in New York, the Dutch-Flemish Institute in Cairo and the Emirates Literature Festival in Dubai, among others. She also runs corporate events and workshops on how the mind influences physical health and performance. To discuss speaking opportunities, please click here.

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“Jo is a fantastic speaker and delivers the perfect balance of accessible science, human stories and practical actions – highly recommended.” Dr Mark Williamson, Director of Action for Happiness

“Our members were delighted with Jo’s fascinating presentation. She drew from the latest scientific research to provide valuable insight on how the mind can affect the body in areas that our members really care about, such as health, medicine, stress, and maximising performance. We would strongly recommend Jo for anyone looking to discover what we can learn from science in order to live a better life.” Andy Clayton, Entrepreneurs Organisation UK

“Jo shared cutting edge insight from the latest research and medical studies to help us understand the true healing power of our minds.  A completely unique topic of interest for our group, and Jo didn’t disappoint. We heard how ‘mind over matter’ could seriously stop us undergoing unnecessary invasive treatments. Her extensive knowledge captivated the room, and encouraged us to make better choices for our health. A truly fascinating talk.” Emma Kirby, Cushman & Wakefield

Past talks and media appearances

  • The Antikythera mechanism and the shipwreck
    Science in Action, BBC World Service, 22 September 2016 Listen here
  • Understand the potential – and limits – of your mind’s effects on your body
    The Art of Charm, 14 July 2016 Listen here
  • Why would we have evolved a mind if it didn’t have physical effects on the body?
    Innovation Hub, NPR, 26 February 2016 Listen here
  • Andrew Marr discusses the relationship between mind and body with science journalist Jo Marchant, games designer Jane McGonigal, philosopher AC Grayling and actor Simon McBurney
    Start the Week, BBC Radio 4, 8 February 2016 Listen here
  • How meditation, placebos and virtual reality help power mind over body
    Fresh Air, NPR, 26 January 2016 Listen here
  • Jo Marchant talks to Neil Denny about The Shadow King
    Little Atoms, 3 September 2013 Listen here
  •  Science and Story: the write angle
    Joyce Carol Oates, EL Doctorow, Sean Carroll, Jo Marchant and Steven Pinker discuss the responsibilities and challenges science writers face. World Science Festival, New York 29 May 2014
  • Jo Marchant talks to Nick Higham about The Shadow King
    BBC Meet the Author, 11 July 2013 Watch here
  • Jo Marchant talks to Alok Jha about the history, science, politics – and curse – of King Tut’s mummy
    The Guardian, Science Weekly podcast, 10 June 2013 Listen here
  • Science writers Geoff Brumfiel, Linda Geddes and Jo Marchant discuss the tricks of their trade
    The Guardian and Wellcome Trust, 1 April 2013 Watch here
  • Tracking the Cosmos: The technology of the Antikythera mechanism
    The Getty Villa, Los Angeles 4 March 2010 Watch the video
  • Jo Marchant tells the story of the Antikythera mechanism, a mechanical ‘computer’ designed to calculate astronomical positions, which was found in 1901 at the site of an ancient Greek shipwreck of around 70 BC.
    Start the Week, BBC Radio 4, 10 November 2008 Listen here
  • Jo Marchant joins the pod to talk about what some say is the world’s first computer. The mysterious Antikythera mechanism, found in the Mediterranean more than a century ago.
    The Guardian, Science Weekly podcast, 27 October 2008 Listen here