Virtual-reality surgery in the mountains of Mexico

[Mexico City surgeon Jose] Mosso’s Jeep Cherokee is full to bursting. Tents, plastic food boxes, surgical equipment, medication, sanitary products and … [Read more...]

Secrets of the griffin warrior tomb

They had been digging for days, shaded from the Greek sun by a square of green tarpaulin slung between olive trees. The archaeologists used picks to … [Read more...]

Antikythera wreck yields human skeleton

Hannes Schroeder snaps on two pairs of blue latex gloves, then wipes his hands with a solution of bleach. In front of him is a large Tupperware box … [Read more...]

When fake pills have real effects

In April, Ted Kaptchuk addressed hundreds of physicians and scientists at the Behind and Beyond the Brain symposium in Porto, Portugal. Within … [Read more...]

Indonesia’s 40,000-year-old cave art

I struggle to keep my footing on a narrow ridge of earth snaking between flooded fields of rice. The stalks, almost ready to harvest, ripple in the … [Read more...]

Wonders of the microscopic world

I have a background in microbiology - for my PhD I studied the corkscrew-shaped bacterium Campylobacter jejuni - so when I was recently asked to … [Read more...]

The sphere of Archimedes

Here’s a gorgeous video featuring a mechanical model of the solar system, attributed to the famed Greek inventor Archimedes and now reconstructed by … [Read more...]

Antikythera wreck yields new treasures

A blue game pawn, bone flute and part of a plate, made up of delicate coils of blue and yellow glass, are among the latest artefacts to be retrieved … [Read more...]

Leap of the horsetail

Here’s my favourite tiny thing of the week: plant spores that leap and dance. Philippe Marmottant of the University of Grenoble, France, and his … [Read more...]

Pregnant women really do “nest”

I’ve never been one to get stuck in with DIY, but when I became pregnant with my first child, I felt impelled to decorate the house. Despite my … [Read more...]